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 Information on classes

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PostSubject: Information on classes   Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:05 am


Like many other MMORPG, FlyFF uses a similar class system where you start out as a beginner. A Vagrant is your starting point. When you level up and gain more experience from killing various monsters you will climb up the class rung and will have a choice of becoming four other classes. You get the choice of becoming an Acrobat, an Assist, a Magician, or a Mercenary. Each class has it's own unique sets of skills and abilities.

First Class Change At Lvl 15
Next Class Change At Lvl 60
All Classes Are Unique

Once you become level 60 you have another chance to change to your final class. Each different first class changes will give you different choices for the 2nd class change. An Acrobat can become either a Jester or a Ranger. An assist can either be a Ringmaster or a Billposter. A Magician can either become an Elementor or a Pyskeeper. And finally a Mercenary can either be a Blade or a Knight.

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Information on classes
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