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 My Blade tutorial =D

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My Blade tutorial =D Empty
PostSubject: My Blade tutorial =D   My Blade tutorial =D I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2009 6:21 pm

my tutorial MIGHT NOT BE THE BEST but w/e for a succesful blade u want to have all the str u can get mabye add stat points to stam but u want alot of str the build is usually around 35 stam and rest is str once your a hero blade LGA's are the best for lvling because the axes atk added to the atk u have is +4 per str point so taht helps ALOT and also the bonuses on an LGA are much better than the 1s on a Bloody Axe my suggestion in jewelry would be a gore neclace +4-6 vigors +7-9 and demols +12 or higher for your dmg.

an alternate way to make a blade (note: i have never tried makeing a blade this way i just know ppl who have made them in eflyff) is a Dex blade its basicly the same as the str blade BUT its Dex based u put 20 points to stam then rest to dex until u can get up to 100% crit i guess they use Demols +12 or higher arek rings +7-9 and Gore neclace +4 or higher again i dont know much about making a Dex blade because ive never tried and plz feel free to correct me on anything i dont mind ill edit this when i get more info.

happy hunting, Jacob
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My Blade tutorial =D
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