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 Bow Jester Build Part 2

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Bow Jester Build Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Bow Jester Build Part 2   Bow Jester Build Part 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 7:53 am

Alright since nobody replied to my comments on whether I should or should not add in the acro family I decided I should.
Now the Soon to be BowJester-BowJester is a very simple yet very very good 1vs1 class that can easily kick your ass if you are not paying attention. They go full dex for ultimate power but they sacrifice defence in order to do that. These guys level very fast at lower levels because of course they have maxed junk arrow at level 15. I do not need to add in a stat distribution but many people will require it even thought its easy to understand.

Lvl 15-60:Go full dex regardless of what anyone says.

Now these guys need a lot of skills until the second job. For level 15-45 just use junk arrow to level. This is the fastest way. After use Autoshot. Make sure to max Perfect block. Put 8 points on Dark Illusion for escaping reasons and to allow you to use perfect block. Now bowJesters are the best and I mean best 1vs1 class. The only class thats better is a BP using asal to kill(don't see much of these anymore unless its against players). Though they can kill very fast in 1vs1 they have low defence because of 15 base Sta. They also do not level fast anymore at lvl 105+. However you can buy a restat and go Yoyo Jester because they level fastest at those levels. BowJesters have very high crit and are capable of acheiving 100% crit. Thats when you will not need defence anymore unless you are being attacked by an Aggro.

Maxed skills by lvl 60:
Perfect block
Junk Arrow
Bow Mastery(this is an option)

Bow Jester Build Part 2 WwwPicsDesktopcom_16-1
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Bow Jester Build Part 2
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