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 Pet Raising

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PostSubject: Pet Raising   Pet Raising I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 8:03 am

Pets are so cute, and so adorable. They are a pain to raise, but the fruits of your labor are amazing. As long as you can give it tender love and care, that pet will return the favor and give you more power than ever before.

Pets can die. A pet can have up to 99 lives, but starts out with two lives before it dies. If you die, your pet dies also. Dueling with your pet out does not cuase the pet to die.

There are certain items which will help your pet stay alive in the cash shop. More about these will be explained below.

Name Cost Description
Pet Medicine 200gp Pet HP will not decrease for 10 minutes
Egg Hatcher 950gp Egg will be hatched into a D Class pet instantly.
Feed Bag 300gp Will automatically use Pet Feed in your inventory to feed your pet for 6 hours (5 hours, 59 minutes,
Pet Energy 1050gp Will randomly add between 1 and 5 lives to a life of your pet.
Pet Tamer 950gp Without changing the pet Class, the pet will receive a random stat for their current and former Class.
Pet MUST be either B, A, or S Class.
Blessing Pet Tamer 500gp Cancels the current Class (De-Class, from C to D, A to B, etc.) and goes back to the previous class with 99.99% EXP. Talk with the Pet Tamer to upgrade the Pet again and receive a new, random stat bonus. (Pet MUST be either C, B, A, or S Class.)
Pet Engery Chances...

Even though you can get 99 lives max for your pet, getting that much is going to cost you a lot of money. If you are careful enough, you probably won't ever get your pet killed.
Lives Added Chance
1 56%
2 22%
3 14%
4 7%
5 1%

Pet Raising Pet2
1) Pet Name
2) Pet Image
3) Pet Level
4) Pet Ability
5) Pet Lives
6) Pet Class

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Pet Raising
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