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 Hatching Your Egg

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PostSubject: Hatching Your Egg   Hatching Your Egg I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 8:16 am

Egg Hatching...

Eggs can be found by killing monsters that are level 20+ They will randomly drop.

Hatching Your Egg Pet4
Go to the Pet Tamer in all major cities once you have an egg. Start the quest. You will need to feek your pet until it reaches 99.9% exp. Your pet only eats "pet feed" Pet feed can begotten from the tamer, by "Right Clicking" him and choosing "Make Feed" Feeds, come from Quest items. Place any quest items in there to make feeds. The drop items which come from higher monsters will get you more feeds.

Pet Chance
Hatching Your Egg Tiger 9%
Hatching Your Egg Lion 11%
Hatching Your Egg Fox 16.75%
Hatching Your Egg Rabbit 13%
Hatching Your Egg Giffrin 16.75%
Hatching Your Egg Dragon 16.75%
Hatching Your Egg Unicorn 16.75%

Hatching Your Egg Pet5
Once you get the feed. Double click on the feed and it will add exp to your egg. Once it reaches 99.9% please go to the tamer again to hatch your egg.

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Hatching Your Egg
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