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 Pet Type/Bonuses

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PostSubject: Pet Type/Bonuses   Pet Type/Bonuses I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 8:37 am

Like real Pets, these Flyff pets require a lot of care, and if you're not careful you may end up cuasing your pet to die. If raised successfully a pet will help their master greatly.

Icon /Name /Stat /Description
Pet Type/Bonuses Tiger White Tiger/ Str/ Pure as snow, the White Tiger's aura gives tremendous strength to it's master.
Pet Type/Bonuses Lion Babari Lion/ Sta/ This Lion is legendary for helping shield it's master from danger by giving them more stamina.
Pet Type/Bonuses Fox Old Fox/ Int/ Sly, and cunning this Old Fox gives wisdom and intelligence to it's master.
Pet Type/Bonuses Rabbit Rabbit/ Dex/ Quick and agile, the Rabbit help's it master evade targets and have better accuracy.
Pet Type/Bonuses Giffrin Griffin/ Def/ Like a shield the Griffin helps reduce the pain that it's master recieves.
Pet Type/Bonuses Dragon Dragon/ Atk/ Amazing power, this Dragon grants it's master Increase attacking power.
Pet Type/Bonuses Unicorn Unicorn/ HP/ The magical Unicorn grants it's master plenty of health points to survive the trials of Flyff.

Pet Type/Bonuses Pet

Pet Bonuses...

When a pet is born, it starts out as a "D" rank. As it levels up, it gets stronger and the bonuses that it gives out is randomly provided to it's master. For example, when a Tiger levels up from C to B, it will either anywhere from between 1 to 11 strength points. It is all random.

The "min/max" tells you the total "bonus" that a pet can have.

Icon /Stat D/ C/ B/ A/ S/ Min to Max
Pet Type/Bonuses Tiger Str/ 1/ 1-4/ 1-11/ 1-22/ 1-37/ 5-75
Pet Type/Bonuses Lion Sta/ 1/ 1-4/ 1-11/ 1-22/ 1-37/ 5-75
Pet Type/Bonuses Fox Int/ 1/ 1-4/ 1-11/ 1-22/ 1-37/ 5-75
Pet Type/Bonuses Rabbit Dex/ 1/ 1-4/ 1-11/ 1-22/ 1-37/ 5-75
Pet Type/Bonuses Giffrin Def/ 4/ 4-13/ 4-44/ 4-88/ 4-148/ 20-300
Pet Type/Bonuses Dragon Atk/ 5/ 5-20/ 5-55/ 5-110/ 5-185/ 20-375
Pet Type/Bonuses Unicorn HP/ 91/ 91-364/ 91-1001/ 91-2002/ 91-3367/ 500-6825

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Pet Type/Bonuses
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