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 Mas Dungeon

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PostSubject: Mas Dungeon   Mas Dungeon I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 8:52 am

These mutated Feferns are as deadly as their predecessor, possessing the same ability to immobilze their dinners. However unlike their dim witted counterparts, these human-eating plants are much smarter.

Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Mutant Fefern 21 3,802 100
Mutant Fefern King 22 3,928 110
Mutant Giant Fefern 25 75,204 750

The much stronger mutated versions of the Fefern these extremely agressive monsters may be colorful and cute, but never judge a book by it's cover, because tales have been told about how wanderers are eaten alive...

Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Mutant Nyangnyang 23 3,921 130
Mutant Nyangnyang Queen 24 4,044 140
Mutant Giant Nyangnyang 27 82,948 960

The guardian and executioner of the Mas Dungeons these doomsayers wander throughout the treacherous maze in hopes of cutting anyone who trys to navigate their way through it. Be weary of the giant Axe as it is sharper than diamonds.

Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Mutant Bang 25 4,454 170
Mutant Boss Bang 26 4,586 190
Mutant Giant Bang King 29 88,035 1,300

A tribe like the Mia dolls, these "things" were dealt a larger curse which left them as you see. Half serpant, half human these Veduque gaurd the door to a secret room which possesses untold riches. However, it is said that the Hair of A Veduque is worth 100 times that of any treasure in the Mas Dungeon.

Name Lvl HP Exp Ele
Vice Veduque 30 3,000 200
Worm Veduque 32 47,000 2,000
Serus Uriel 35 35,415 3,000

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Mas Dungeon
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