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 Vagrant Weapons

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PostSubject: Vagrant Weapons   Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:57 am

Weapons: Vagrant Sword
The fastest and most reliable weapon for the Vagrant is the sword. Master your skills with it and grow your techniques as you have your sights on conquering all of Roika.
Name Atk. Min-Max Lvl
Wooden Sword Atk. 3-4 Lvl. 1
Long Sword Atk. 12-14 Lvl. 1
Hand Claw Atk. 16-18 Lvl. 6
Parmil Sword Atk. 29-31 Lvl. 10
Crimson Sword Atk. 34-36 Lvl. 13

The Vagrant journey throughs the land with a wooden sword, however as the vagrant begins to realize how powerful the enemy will become he may choose to equip the more powerful Axe.
Name Atk. Min-Max Lvl
Rodney Axe Atk. 25-33 Lvl. 9
Morrow Axe Atk. 31-39 Lvl. 13

Rare Weapons
Name Atk. Min-Max Lvl Bonus Added
Sword of Boboku Atk. 34-36 Lvl. 5 Str +1, HP+50
Axe of Luda Atk. 34-41 Lvl. 5 Str +1, Hit+10%
Shining Sword Atk. 59-61 Lvl. 15 Str +2, Dex +2
Claw of Lawolf Atk. 61-68 Lvl. 15 Str +2, ASPD +10%

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Vagrant Weapons
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